Lionheart Sports Agency


NIL Deal Negotiation

We excel in securing lucrative NIL deals, ensuring our athletes receive fair compensation while maintaining compliance with collegiate rules.

Career Development

From college to the pros, we provide comprehensive career planning and management, tailored to each athlete’s individual goals and potential. Our experienced team is here to guide you every step of the way.

Personalized Support

Understanding that each athlete’s path is unique, we offer bespoke support systems encompassing legal, financial, and marketing expertise.

Brand Building

Leveraging our vast network and industry knowledge, we help athletes build and manage their personal brands, ensuring long-term success both on and off the field.


Brand Endorsements
Lionheart Sports Agency connects businesses with college athletes who align with their brand values and target demographics. These endorsements go beyond traditional advertising by leveraging the personal stories, achievements, and social media presence of athletes. The authentic connection between athletes and their followers can significantly boost the brand’s visibility and credibility.
Social Media Campaigns
Given the substantial social media following that many young athletes possess, Lionheart helps businesses tap into this audience through curated social media campaigns. These campaigns can range from sponsored posts to takeovers, where athletes share their genuine experiences with the brand’s products or services, creating a relatable and compelling narrative for the brand.
Event Appearances and Speaking Engagements
Lionheart can organize event appearances and speaking engagements where athletes can represent brands, share their journeys, and interact with fans and potential customers. These live events create a memorable impact, enhancing the human element of the brand and fostering deeper connections with the audience.
Content Creation
Athletes, with their unique talents and perspectives, can serve as content creators for brands, generating engaging and original content. Lionheart facilitates these partnerships, helping brands to diversify their content strategy with authentic stories, workout tips, lifestyle content, and behind-the-scenes glimpses from the athletes’ lives.
Market Research and Insights
By working closely with athletes from various demographics and sports, Lionheart can provide businesses with valuable insights into emerging trends, preferences, and behaviors among younger audiences. This information can be pivotal for brands looking to stay ahead of the curve and tailor their offerings to meet evolving consumer needs.
At Lionheart, we deeply understand that ‘teamwork’ extends beyond a mere concept; it is the foundation of our success. We actively foster a culture of collaboration, engaging not only with our athletes but also their families and a wide network of external partners. This holistic approach ensures that we are all working synergistically towards achieving shared objectives, emphasizing the importance of unity and collective effort in reaching our goals.
Integrity is the cornerstone of our operations at Lionheart. We are steadfast in maintaining the highest standards of ethics and integrity, committing ourselves to transparency and honesty in every aspect of our work. This unwavering dedication ensures that we build trust and maintain long-lasting relationships with our athletes, their families, and our partners, reinforcing our reputation as a reliable and ethical organization.
Our team at Lionheart brings a wealth of experience to the table, encompassing years of expertise within the sports industry. This deep-seated knowledge and understanding allow us to offer unparalleled guidance and support to our athletes, navigating them through their careers with confidence. Our commitment to excellence is reflected in our approach, ensuring that every athlete benefits from our collective wisdom and insight every step of their journey.
Innovation lies at the heart of Lionheart’s philosophy. We are constantly exploring and implementing cutting-edge technologies and creative strategies to stay ahead of the curve. This forward-thinking approach enables us to uncover new opportunities and optimize outcomes for our athletes, ensuring they have access to the best resources and methodologies to achieve their goals. Our dedication to innovation is a testament to our commitment to excellence and progress.
At Lionheart, our athletes are the focal point of everything we undertake. Their success, well-being, and satisfaction drive our operations and decisions. We are committed to creating an environment that not only supports their professional growth but also addresses their personal needs and aspirations. Our athlete-centric approach ensures that we are constantly aligned with their interests, striving to exceed their expectations and contribute to their overall success and happiness.